Analytical Analysis of Vorticity Transport in Magnetic Walters B' Fluid

Pardeep Kumar, Hari Mohan, Vivek Kumar


We consider the transport of vorticity in Walters B' viscoelastic fluid in the presence of suspended magnetic particles. The equations governing such a transport of vorticity problem in viscoelastic fluid are obtained from the equations of magnetic fluid flow proposed by Wagh and Jawandhia [1] in their study on the transport of vorticity in magnetic fluid. It follows from the analysis of these equations that the transport of solid vorticity  is coupled with the transport of fluid vorticity . Further, it is found that due to thermo-kinetic process, fluid vorticity may exist in the absence of solid vorticity but when fluid vorticity is zero, then solid vorticity is necessarily zero. A two-dimensional case is also studied.

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