Solving TSP Using Improved Elitist Ant System Based on Improved Pheromone Strategy and Dynamic Candidate List

Rahul Karmakar, Ramkrishna Mitra, Avishek Dey, Vaswati Chakraborty, Arabinda Nayak


Ant colony optimization is a technique for optimization that was introduced by Marco Dorigo in the early 1990’s. The inspiring source of ant colony optimization is the foraging behaviour of real ant colonies. The ant system is a new meta-heuristic for hard combinatorial optimization problems. It is a population-based approach that uses exploitation of positive feedback as well as greedy search. TSP is one of the most famous NP HARD combinatorial optimization (CO) problems and which has wide application background. Combinatorial optimization (CO) is a topic that consist of finding an optimal object from a set of object. Ant colony optimization which has been proven a successful technique and applied to a number of combinatorial optimization problems and taken as one of the high performance computing methods for travelling salesman problem (TSP). But ACO algorithm costs too much time to convergence and traps in local optima in order to find an optimal solution for TSP problems. In this paper we propose an improved ant colony optimization algorithm with two highlights. First, candidate set strategy is adapted to rapid convergence speed. Second, the adaptive adjustment pheromone strategy is used to make relatively uniform pheromone distribution to balance the exploration and exploitation between the random search of ant.

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