Demonstration and Simulation of An Audio Frequencies for Modification Using Unit-gain MFB Filter

Blessed Olalekan Oyebola


The versatility of signal analyzing tools: Laplace transform, Fourier series, D.C. and transient analysis were the glaring tools or methods used to ascertain the realization of all constructed circuit here; ‘Casio fx7400G’ language was used during programming of the band pass filter used quite interesting is to also see the practicability of some engineering theories the reality of signal audio frequencies and their response in tone control. Active filters were used through. This adds a lot of cost, efficiency, size compact and better amplification advantages over the inductive (passive) type. This work was a research work in all its facets that involved laboratory findings typically designed and constructed; with rigorous mathematical analysis, programming, circuit synthesis and stimulation; bearing in mind the necessities to add to the world of audio production.

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