Algorithms for Controlling a Nonholonomic Differential Drive Wheeled Mobile Robot

Ali Alouache, QingHe WU


This paper discusses different algorithms for controlling an autonomous nonholonomic differential drive wheeled mobile robot (WMR) on the horizontal X-Y plane. The presented algorithms are used for controlling the WMR to perform several useful tasks like the following: moving to a goal point, moving to specific pose, line following and path following. Each algorithm designs the necessary input velocities for the robot kinematic model such that the WMR can accomplish the corresponding task efficiently. The delicate task here for the WMR is to follow any given reference path, hence a fuzzy PD controller is proposed in this paper to improve the effectiveness of the path following controller. The fuzzy PD controller is designed based on the fuzzy logic approach. The presented techniques are simple and efficient therefore they can be used in real time applications like control and navigation of mobile robots. Finally, Matlab simulations are given to test the different algorithms.

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