University Students’ Satisfaction of Banglalink & Grameen Phone: A Comparative Study

Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan


This is basically a comparative study based on University Students’ Satisfaction. Here, the researcher has made a comparison of University Students’ satisfaction of Banglalink and Grameen Phone users. A structured questionnaire is prepared to collect primary data from the different universities in the Sylhet City of Bangladesh. Having literature reviews, the researcher has selected 15 variables for measuring the satisfaction. The researcher has used MS Excel 2007 to analysis the data, i.e., descriptive statistics and t-statistics. The findings have shown that the students of Banglalink users are more satisfied than the students of Grameen Phone users in every respect. It seems that the students of Grameen Phone users expect more from their operator. Important variables for Banglalink are 1. Availability of Recharge Point, 2. Numbers of FnF, 3. Tariff: On-Net and 4. Tariff: FnF. Important variables for Grameen Phone are 1. Tariff: On-Net, 2. Internet Services, 3. Network Coverage, and 4. Number of FnF. 

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