Performance of Air Cooled Condenser in various Conditions: A Review


  • Dhiraj Satish Patil Asst. Professor at KCE COEIT Jalgaon.
  • Manoj Madhav Nehete Asst. Professor at KCE COEIT Jalgaon.


Air Cooled condensers were first presented in US control industry in mid1970's, however just during last 10-15 a long time number of establishments significantly expanded to a great extent because of developing consideration being paid to natural wellbeing. Moreover, developing interest for water for both household and modern use has acquired an expanded intrigue utilization of Air Cooled condensers. This is an audit paper which concentrates the presentation of Air-cooled condenser under different working conditions it is discovered that there is corruption in execution of air cooled condenser under high encompassing temperatures and breezy conditions. The warmth dismissal pace of ACC likewise relies upon surface state of balances and accordingly its exhibition is decreased because of outside fouling of finned tubes because of climate conditions and by inner fouling from condensate (Ammonia erosion). A Hybrid (dry/wet) dephlegmator accomplishes significant improvement in execution when surrounding temperatures are high. Additionally concealing of condensers is accomplished for cooling units to alleviate the unfavorable impact of high surrounding temperatures because of sun powered radiation. Presently a day's breeze dividers are utilized to diminish the impact of high wind speed .second choice is to build the fan speed Fin cleaning assumes a significant job in warmth dismissal. Outside cleaning improves air side warmth move coefficient. So as to improve the exhibition of ACC Flat cylinders slanted at some edge to level can likewise be utilized instead of customary round level cylinders with the goal that an improvement in warmth move rate happens.

Author Biography

Dhiraj Satish Patil, Asst. Professor at KCE COEIT Jalgaon.

Author Completed his bachelor's degree in mechanical and masters degree in thermal engineering. he has more than 6 years of working experience in the field of mechanical engineering research. he has published his technical articles & research papers in international journals like ASME, RAME, MAYFEB Etc. He also published his book with LAMBART ACADMIC PUBLICATION, Germany Titlled as "Alternative Source of Fuel for Future"