Biomonitoring of Air Pollution Using Plants


  • Hamza Badamasi Federal University, Dutse


Air pollution has become a major environmental problem facing the world today due rapid increase in industrialization and anthropogenic activities. As such, there is need for reliable and sustainable air pollution monitoring and control methods. Biomonitoring of air pollution using plants is the method of interest in recent time as it is cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to traditional physico-chemical methods. Some plant species are highly sensitive to particular air pollutants and show specific responses to pollutants effects by showing specific damage symptoms. These species can be used to detect and monitor the presence or absence of air pollutants. Several methods such as index of atmospheric purity, air pollution tolerance index, and mathematical models had been proposed to study the role of plants in monitoring of air pollution. This paper therefore presents a shot review on biomonitoring of air pollution using plants.

Author Biography

Hamza Badamasi, Federal University, Dutse

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Federal University, Dutse.