Barriers to Implementation of Sustainable Construction Techniques


  • O.O.A. Davies Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Amassoma, Bayelsa State
  • I. E. E. Davies


Sustainable construction efforts in the developing countries such Nigeria has been unsuccessful due to a number of barriers to its successful implementation. The barriers to sustainable construction were critically analysed and a framework to determine the challenges in a manner that is environment friendly, socially responsible and economically supportive was recommended. No attention has been renders to sustainable development agenda in the construction processes in Nigeria poses great danger to the future generations. Construction professionals are the stakeholders that play a key role in the design and implementation of construction projects. There is the need for cooperation and collaborative training between construction professionals in order to push forward implementation of sustainable construction in Nigeria. Present construction practices are unsustainable, and not in agreement with ideal sustainability principles. This paper reviews the existing barriers to sustainable construction and the construction management practices and processes to subdue the barriers in the developing countries such as Nigeria. Information will enrich the database for new professionals entering the construction industry; this research can be helpful to on-going projects and planning for future.

Author Biography

O.O.A. Davies, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Amassoma, Bayelsa State

I am Senior Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island,Amassoma, Bayelsa State.