PID Augmented Stability of Multi-Rotor Helicopters


  • Gastone Ferrarese Università di Bologna


This paper is a general theoretical formalization of the design of linear controllers for ight stabilization of multirotor helicopters. After the description of the linear dynamic modelling of this type of aircraft, the plants transfer functions are obtained for the sizing of PID regulators. The gains of the controllers that assure the dynamic stability of the system, in a purely analytical way, are then computed. These gains are given as functions of the aerodynamic and mechanical features of the aircraft. All in closed form expressions, these results represent the rst exact solution to the problem of stabilization of attitude and velocity of this type of aircraft, through linear PID control. Aordable tools useful to a quick hand calculation for control systems tuning, dynamic stability evaluation, multirotor aircraft design and also for academic educational purposes are thus provided and then tested in a numeric simulation.