Implementation of Wireless Transfer of Electrical Low Power System


  • Awadalla Taifour Ali
  • Eisa Bashier Mohammed
  • Mashair Hassan Abdalrhman


Wireless charging through inductive coupling could be one of the next technologies that carry the futures forward. This paper designs, implements and practically tests the wireless charging of low power appliances and it has been shown that it is possible to charge low power devices via inductive coupling. With this we can avoid the confusion and danger of having long, hazardous and tangled wiring. It minimizes the complexity that arises from the use of conventional wire system. In addition, the study also opens up new possibilities of wireless system in other daily life uses. Much interest in the research has been conducted to determine the feasibility of system design and implementation of wireless low power transmission and simulation process of charging the load at different distances. The wireless charger of 12 volt power source with new charging technique is designed and implemented. The circuit is capable of charging low power appliances.