Development of Motion Triggered Image Recording System with Ov7076 for Home Security


  • Blessed Olalekan Oyebola


There is vast need for an improved house security system to overcome house incursion problem when user is not in house. There are many types of house security system which is too expensive and difficult to use. For that reason, an effective house security system at low cost is proposed in this work. This paper focuses on development of motion triggered image recording system using Ov7076 camera for home security which is controlled centrally by microcontroller. The complete project is divided into two parts. The first part is concern on hardware development. Infrared Motion detector and Ov7076 camera were the input components while the SD Card is the image storage unit. The second part is based on software development to operate the hardware. The infrared motion detector is capable of detecting motion while the microcontroller coordinates the system operation. The developed system was tested to be effective.