Technological Influences on Employment and Unemployment: An Empirical Study on Banking Sector in Bangladesh


  • Md Muinuddin Khan
  • Md Fakhrudoza Bari Green University of Bangladesh
  • Md. Aminul Islam


This paper aims at finding the stimulus of technology on employment generation or increase the unemployment rate. We have tried to show the scenario if technology affects to increase the employment in banking sector in Bangladesh. To do this research, we followed a structured questionnaire to survey. Both descriptive statistics and independent sample t test are used for 80 respondents in different banks chosen by random sampling to clarify the findings. We found that structural unemployment occurred only because of changing in the processes or systems of production and frictional unemployment occurs due to frequent switching between the jobs have been baroque for last couple of decades. Above all, the employment is generated due to the blessings of technological advancements where a few of the people lose their jobs and can’t manage it immediately. These findings may be used as a source of future research in this selected areas as well as organizations may find it effective for their IT/IS investment decision.