Performance Analysis of Thermal Power Plant Under Various Operating Conditions: A Case Study

Dr. Ankur Geete


This research work has been done for a coal fired thermal power plant. For evaluation of performance of the power plant, power outputs and heat rates have been calculated. These evaluations have been performed on selected operating parameters. Then combined effects of operating parameters on the performance of the power plant have been analyzed. Power outputs and heat rates have been found for all possible conditions. After analyses, optimum conditions have been identified at with power output is highest or heat rate is lowest. These case studies can be concluded as, for selected operating parameters, maximum power output is 121334.6 kW and minimum heat rate is 2.309. These outputs have been achieved with five feed water heaters, no makeup water addition, lowest back pressure and less pressure drop in extraction line.

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MAYFEB Journal of Mechanical Engineering
Toronto, Ontario, Canada