Experimental investigation of effect of cerium oxide nanoparticles as a fuel additive in cottonseed biodiesel blends

Dhiraj Satish Patil


As the reserves of fossil fuels are depleted progressively & fuel energy is need of growing economy so, in order to fill the gap between demand and supply we must need to find out the alternative source of fuel supply. Biodiesel is one of the promising sources which reduce the emissions of CO, HC, SOx but due to more oxygen content in biodiesel nearly 16% greater than neat diesel the harmful emissions of NOx are increases, to minimize this NOx emissions metal oxide nanoparticles has recently added as a fuel additive.

In these experimentation Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles in 50 PPM concentration is used in cottonseed biodiesel blends 10CSBCeO250 & 20CSBCeO250. The experiments were carried out on single cylinder D.I. diesel engine running at 1500 RPM by varying load from 0 to 6 kg and compression ratio 14 to 18. Results show the significant improvement in performance parameters and reduction in NOx emissions.

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