Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Machining Parameters of CNC Milling

satypal WARGHAT, DR. T. R. Deshmukh


CNC milling is widely used in manufacturing industry for material removal process to manufacture the components with complex shapes and profiles. During end milling operation the end mill cutter is used as a tool. In this work plain milling operation is performed on CNC milling using High Speed Steel as milling cutter having 14 mm diameter, M2 grade. Mild steel containing 20% Carbon is used as work piece. Full factorial experimentation has been carried out to study the effects of machining parameter on surface roughness and material removal rate in minimum machining time using Particle Swarm Optimization. The mathematical model has been developed for surface roughness and material removal rate in terms of input variables. During parameter optimizations firstly find out the effects of input parameter on surface roughness, then on material removal rate and finally on both output parameters simultaneously. It is observed that the results of Particle Swarm Optimization are found very close to the output of experimentation. The objective of this study is to find the optimal machining parameter for minimum surface roughness and maximum material removal rate in minimum machining time.

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