Major Gullies and Volume of Soil Loss in Edo State, Nigeria

Augustine Osayande, Ishaku Ibrahim Yari Mallo


This research is on Major Gullies and Volume of Soil Loss in Edo State, Nigeria. The primary objective was to quantify the volume of soil loss in the study area. Edo State was chosen as the study area due to the fact that the magnitude of gully erosion has resulted in loss of lives and properties, destruction of arable lands and wastage of large areas of usable land. The result revealed that major gullies in Edo North have Mean Volume of Soil Loss of 614, 763.33 m3, follow by Edo South with 79,604.76 m3 and Edo Central is 46,242.98 m3. As such an average of 1,772, 888.7m3 of soil is lost annually in the study area due to gully erosion problem. The menace of gully erosion in areas susceptible like Edo State called for urgent remedies in order to arrest further loss of soil, buildings and other properties.

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