A Conceptual Analysis of the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria

Aliyu Isah-Chikaji, Muhammad Abdullahi


In the course of their productions, companies across the world contribute towards the development of their host communities. The inhabitants of such environments benefits through poverty alleviation aids, educational scholarships, infrastructures in form of schools, roads, etc. Industries do these as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is against this background that this paper conceptually analyses the impact of CSR in Nigeria, tracing its legal state and presented the achievements and setbacks. The paper utilizes documentary analyses to arrive at conclusion that CSR is ideologically neutral, realistic and humane. As such, all business undertakings are highly encouraged to be serious about it especially in Third World or developing countries like Nigeria. The paper went further to recommend that companies should do more especially in improving their services and provisions of social services. Government should in this regard establish a more formidable and inclusive legal framework specifically for the regulation of CSR activities in the country, and this should spell out clearly the role of companies, communities and the government itself.

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