Effect of Crude Extracts of Ocimum Gratissimum and Vernonia Amygdalina on Urea and Creatinine in Non Diabetic and Diabetic Rats

Izunwanne D. I., Aduema Nil Wadioni, Okonkwo O.C


Diabetes mellitus is a progressive disease. Most investigators have focused on electrolytes derangement while the effect of OG and VA on Urea and Creatinine in diabetic state has been less attended. The present study has been conducted to find out urea and creatine changes in diabetic renal tissue and the ameliorative effects of herb extracts. Diabetes was induced by injection of streptozotocin 65mg/kg. The diabetic control group and normal control received only distilled water 10mg/kg. Both non diabetic groups and diabetic treated groups received 208mg/kg of Ocimum gratissimum and 52mg/kg of Vernonia amygdalina. The treatment lasted for 28 days. At the end of the experiment, result analysis for diabetes showed that serum creatinine levels were significantly reduced at (p < 0.05) in the diabetic control group while the non diabetic group treated with OG AND OG+VA was decreased at (p < 0.05) compared to normal control. Urea results showed a statistical increase at (p < 0.05) in diabetic control group compared to the non diabetic control while treatment with VA decreased at (p < 0.05) the creatinine level compared to diabetic control and non diabetic control group. Post treatment with OG, VA, OG+VA and Insulin was able to restore the Urea and Creatinine level. Daily administration of OG and VA to the different groups shows that leaf extracts of OG and VA can positively restore kidney functions in a diabetic state. 

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