Eggs Morphometric and Growth Rates of Malaysian Captive African Penguin

Hairul M.S., Shukor M.N.


Penguin is a seabird and popular attractions in zoos and aquatic parks around the world. In this study are shows the eggs morphometric of African penguin and the growth rates of African penguin chicks. Underwater World Langkawi (UWL) is the location of this study. Eggs morphometric measurements were diameter and weight. While, growth parameters measured were weight, flipper length, beak length and foot length. The relationship between weight and diameter of the eggs was tested using Pearson correlation analysis. However, the growth rate has been tested using nonlinear regression. The Pearson correlation test has shown no correlation between egg diameter and egg weight. Then, in overall, there were significantly different in growth rate for African penguin chick’s weight, flipper length, beak length and foot length in UWL. 

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