Affordable Microcontroller-Controlled Home Irrigation System for Urban Farmers in Nigeria

Eromosele George Oko-Oboh, Philip Adesola Adewuyi


Nigeria is a nation of an estimated 200 million people.  The pre-colonial era was largely characterized by rural activities.  Farming, though relatively subsistent, was the major means of livelihood.  As civilization started taking the centre stage, more people sought modern ways of living via formal education they received in schools.  This migration leading to urbanization has brought about growth in urban poverty and food insecurity.  To mitigate this challenge, an attractive means of easy farming, irrespective of space size, with the aim of conserving water resources using an intelligent irrigation system based on microcontroller is developed to assist farmers in urban centres across Nigeria.  This category of farmers produce, process, and sell food and other products within and around cities and town thereby encouraging people to contribute their quota to the reduction of scarcity of food and conservation of water in the country. This work is therefore an add-on technology to the practice of urban farming which is fast becoming popular in Nigeria. The developed model of this microcontroller-controlled irrigation system is cheap in terms of procurement, maintenance, and running compared to conventional irrigation technology.  PIC16F877A is the microcontroller that was used for the control processes programmed with ‘Flowcode’ flowchart basics.  The performance is tested, and compared with the performance of the conventional irrigation system using Proteus VSM environment which gives an improved performance over the existing conventional irrigation system and also saves energy.

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