Influence of Land Use Types on Soil Properties and Micronutrient Concentrations on Soils of Similar Lithology in Owerri, Southeastern Nigeria

Onwudike Stanley Uchenna, Agbani Lawrence, Ihem Emmanuel, Onyegbule Ugochukwu


Poor crop yield in Southeastern Nigeria has been attributed to micronutrient deficiency. Properties of soil vary with land use system over time and the knowledge of these changes is vital for sustainable food productivity. This work examined the effect of three land use types namely; palm plantation farm (PMPF), pineapple orchard farm (POF) and plantain plantation farm (PPM) on soil properties and micronutrient concentrations on soils of similar lithology in Imo State Nigeria. Land use types guided the sampling locations. Soil samples were collected from these land use types, air dried, sieved using 2 mm mesh sieve and analysed using standard methods. Data of soil analysis were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) and significant means were separated using Least Significant Difference (LSD) at 0.05 probability level. Relationship between micronutrients and soil properties were determined using correlation analysis. Results obtained showed variations in soil organic matter, total nitrogen and exchangeable bases among the land use types. The highest concentration of Cu (0.21 mg/kg) was recorded in PMPF while the highest concentration of Zn (17.95 Mg/kg) was recorded in PPM. Fe concentration was highest (77.68 Mg/kg) in PMPF while the highest Mn concentration (6.14 Mg/kg) was recorded in PPM. Significant positive correlations existed between soil pH and Zn (r = 0.5471), Zn and clay (r = 0.5422) and Mn and clay (r = 0.550) while Zn correlated negatively with total exchangeable acidity (TEA) (r = - 0.8586). Agronomic practices that will improve soil organic matter and pH is recommended so that levels of these nutrients that are below the critical levels will be improved.

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