Using R Language for Statistical Computing for Pesticide Application Calculations

Donyo Hristov Ganchev


R language and environment for statistical computing is used in the agricultural science and practice not only for conducting of the statistical analyses of the data but for performing specific calculations rapidly and securely. Using and applying the pesticides in the agriculture is associated with making a lot of calculations, which guarantee the right and correct application of these chemical substances. There is many disadvangatages if such kind calulations are performed by hand and in order to be eliminated this disadvantages,  so called computer method is used as alternative which  include creating and using specific calculators as freeware or shareware software. Sometimes simple calculators are created as Excel worksheets /macros  which approach have a lot of disadvantages. With increasing popularity of the R language more and more scientists and specialists from agricultural area spotted it as viable alternative and way of performing the necessity  calculations for the application of the pesticides and statistical manipulation of the data received from scientific trials. 

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