Grapes Quality of Velika Variety after Harvest and Refrigeration Storage

Daniela Atanasova, Boyan Stalev, Lyudmil Angelov


The study on quality of table grape variety „Velika” grown in organic and conventional farming in the region of Naiden Gerovo, Municipality of Plovdiv, Bulgaria was carried out in the period 2009-2011. The region of the village of Naiden Gerovo is suitable for biological production of grapes. The condition of the grapes in both cultivation technologies was good. The percentage of rotted, moth-eaten and raisin-shaped berries was insignificant. There was a low density of the grape moth Lobesia botrana because of the activity of the pheromone dispensers in the plantation. Grapes of variety "Velika" have a very attractive appearance, they do not crack and have good transportability. They preserve relatively well on the vine after ripening and at refrigeration storage. The table grape variety "Velika" produced by both technologies, organic and conventional, has good transportability and refrigeration storage up to one month with insignificant losses. During transportation of grapes cracked berries were below 1.5% and the fallen berries reached 10-20%. In refrigeration storage at 2-6°C and humidity 90% within thirty days were established 0.25 -1.6% raisin-shaped and 1.0 - 5.6% rotted berries. During refrigeration storage of the grapes up to one month at temperature 2-6°C losses reached from 6.2 to 7 kg per 100 kg of fresh grapes.

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